Our Project

The Project “SUSKIDS Enabling professionals and families to transfer SUstainable knowledge and SKills to Down Syndrome individuals” aims to connect the education and training of DS   individuals in the field of sustainability and the need of raising awareness about new materials produced.

Currently, there is a lack of coherent curriculums and inclusion measures in all EU countries aimed at people with Down Syndrome; on the other hand, training programmes are often insufficient and limited by the availability of dedicated teachers. Therefore, people with DS lack of educational and professional opportunities and are often pushed to basic professional training programmes, focused to their early inclusion in the labour market.

SUSKIDS will use a psychological perspective based on the acquisition of new habits through game-based learning, social media, and self-engagement in the field of construction using waste materials. To this end, partners will design and develop innovative tools to help educators to transfer science concepts through recycling & sustainable construction contents to individuals with DS.

In addition, the proposed virtual learning environment aims to train students that have already learnt the proposed contents to become trainers leading the workshops themselves. This way, SUSKIDS will offer an entertaining way to learn and to increase their autonomy and opportunities of inclusion. 

Therefore, SUSKIDS project has the following objectives:

  • Designing acknowledged learning and evaluation tools and guidelines to promote the sustainability and self-care skills for individuals with Down Syndrome. This will increase their possibilities in the labour market and their autonomy, and reinforce their inclusion and self-esteem.
  • Improving the skills of trainers and educators, providing them with tools and resources in recycling and construction. This way, they will be able to transfer this knowledge and skills to students with Down Syndrome.
  • Contacting policy makers in the field of education and institutions working with people with Down Syndrome, to promote these approaches and involve more people with disabilities in the society, enhancing their digital integration.
  • Developing more feasible and easier to implement methodologies such as Personalised learning, inquiry-based learning, game-based learning and Project-Based Learning for people with Down Syndrome.

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