Our Results

Project progress
36 months 95%

Project Outputs

Output 3 :

Open course: “Design for sustainable living” (validated and recognised by the Irish National Framework of Qualifications)


Inclusive Research: A day with  Blanca at the Polytechnic School of University of Burgos

Blanca is a student who has learnt about sustainable recycling materials using our project’s deliverables. Now, she helps at the Lab of the Polytechnic School applying her knowledge (Video in Spanish)


SUSKIDS Final Conference

Official opening

Presentation of VLE. Keynotes from partners

    • Sara Pavia (Trinity College Dublin): Content creation and the adoption of behaviour traits.  Download slideshow
    • Consuelo Sanz (Asociacion Sindrome Down Burgos). First experiences in using the VLE.

    • Chiara Pietrantoni and Davy Nijs (UCLL) . The Use of digital technologies to enable people with disabilities to learn.

Workshop 1: Testing the activities in the Virtual Learning Environment

During this workshop, our coordinator Sara Gutierrez explained the objective of the Virtual Learning Environment, and the main features.

Workshop 2: Tutorial on the use and adaptation of the VLE in your classroom

    • Javier Sancho (Bjäland): Use and adaptation of the VLE.

Evaluation guidelines and evaluation activities

  • O3. Open course  validated and recognised by the National Frameworks of Qualifications (NCCA)
  • O4. Evaluation guidelines validated and recognised by the European Framework of Qualifications (UCLL). Download slideshow

Video presentation of Virtual Learning Environment (Spanish)

Videos and presentations of the First Multiplier Event (Burgos).

  • Opening First Multiplier Event in Burgos

  • Isabel Alonso: The importance of ITCs for Down Syndrome Individuals

  • Roundtable: Use of ITCs for treating diversity


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