Save the date for SUSKIDS final conference!

SUSKIDS Final Conference will take place on 14th September 2021, hosted by the University of Applied Sciences Leuven-Limburg, focused on the  use of technology to transfer sustainable skills to Down Syndrome individuals for the improvement of inclusion.

This Conference is therefore aligned with the  Leave no one behind principle of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and its Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), representing the commitment of our partnership to reduce inequalities and foster inclusion, through the promotion of an active and participative methodology, focused on appealing  children to learn about recycling, and improving  the engagement of Down Syndrome  individuals on sustainability and  self-care. Moreover, the current  environmental policies. as well as the social  demands, recognize the need to mainstream  green skills and knowledge into education and training systems.

Therefore, during the Conference, we will present the tools and materials created within SUSKIDS project and the experiences carried out by the partners,  including workshops on their use, as well as key notes and round tables  with external experts on issues such as eInclusion, and Universal Design for Learning, among others.

Download the Conference Agenda and register in the Conference

Link to registration at UCLL’s website

Left: an image of a microphone with conference attendants at the bottom, the room is out of focus. On the right: text with the agenda of the conference. bottom line: project title and logo, and EU emblem

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